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Expert Q&A: Trends in Grocery Marketing

Julie Companey, Director, Client Strategy — Grocery, Drug & Mass for Vericast provides her perspective on current trends in grocery marketing and how consumers may be affected.

2022 CPG + Grocery TrendWatch: New Customer Journeys
Consumer shopping habits are shifting due to record-high inflation.This infographic outlines key changes uncovered by our survey and shareshow you…
Expert Q&A: Trends in CPG Marketing

Aimee Englert, Executive Director of CPG Client Strategy for Vericast provides her perspective on current trends in CPG marketing.

Online vs. In-person Shopping: How to Meet CPG Consumer Needs in Both Spaces

How do online and in-store shopping stack up when it comes to shopping for CPG products? We provide key insight into how people are shopping so you can build an effective digital and brick-and-mortar strategy to meet their needs and win their loyalty.

Woman shopping at computer
“Ho, Ho, Ho!” or Just “Ho-hum?”: What to Expect From Consumers This Holiday Season

The holidays are around the corner — and the current economic environment has forced adjustments by both consumers and retailers.

Woman shopping in grocery store
Everything Has Changed … Including the Way People Shop

There has been forced changes in consumer buying behavior. Our report shares how to connect with four key consumer segments.

Shared Direct Mail Success Is As Easy as ABC
The ABC’s & 1-2-3’s to focus your marketing budget … on acquiring new customers instead of just spending on mailings…
CPG + Grocery TrendWatch
Report 2022 CPG + Grocery TrendWatch To successfully retain and acquire new shoppers in a volatile environment, marketers need to…
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2020 Consumer Intel Report
Marketing Research 2020 Valassis Consumer Intel Report Time changes everything. As the world rebuilds in the wake of the COVID-19…