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Woman shopping at computer
“Ho, Ho, Ho!” or Just “Ho-hum?”: What to Expect From Consumers This Holiday Season

The holidays are around the corner — and the current economic environment has forced adjustments by both consumers and retailers.

Male patient receiving advice from female doctor
What’s the Remedy for Prescription Hesitancy?

New shopping habits and inflation are presenting challenges for patients and doctors. These uncertainties have led to health hesitancy, such as stalling of prescription purchases.

Woman and man out shopping holding shopping bags
3 Big Consumer Priorities for 2022

People are shopping for positivity in 2022. Even though expenses are on the rise, they don’t want to give up experiences that delight. In this post, get insight and recommendations to influence consumers’ decision-making.

Doctor consulting with patient
Reaching a Moving Target: Cultivating Healthcare Relationships With New Movers

Healthcare consumers, particularly those who are moving, are actively seeking healthcare providers. This creates opportunities for healthcare marketers to stand out and engage with potential new patients.

Woman in store deciding between two products
How Empathetic Marketers Can Win in a Post-COVID World

Now that pandemic-related fears are beginning to wane and lockdowns are beginning to lift, consumers are generally becoming much more optimistic about their health. Yet their wealth remains an altogether different matter.

Seven Reasons Marketers Should Be Super Optimistic Right Now … even if your audience is still a little cautious

All signs indicate the country’s economic engine is roaring back to life. Brighter days really are ahead!

Curious Facts About When & Where People Use Allergy Coupons
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Drugstore Shoppers
Our research shows focusing on customers’ top priorities like convenience and discounts can help drugstores stay competitive. Learn more. Download
Engaging Modern Drugstore Shoppers
How Modern Shoppers Choose a Drugstore
Summary It can be difficult to keep track of what consumers want. Here are six lessons for drugstores to better…