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“Ho, Ho, Ho!” or Just “Ho-hum?”: What to Expect From Consumers This Holiday Season

The holidays are around the corner — and the current economic environment has forced adjustments by both consumers and retailers.

Shared Direct Mail Success Is As Easy as ABC
The ABC’s & 1-2-3’s to focus your marketing budget … on acquiring new customers instead of just spending on mailings…
2022 Retail TrendWatch Video Series: Our Experts Weigh In On the Future of Retail
Summary The 2022 Retail TrendWatch report focuses on four consumer expectations while providing guidance for retailers to capitalize and innovate…
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2022 Retail TrendWatch Series: Old School Plus New School Equals Success

Social media is front and center for new purchases and brand awareness.
But don’t be so quick to discount print or direct mail.

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2022 Retail TrendWatch Series: Know Your Customers

Get into the minds of shoppers by acting fast, and frequently, with your messaging. Product shortages have shoppers willing to switch stores or purchase something different.

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2022 Retail TrendWatch Series: Do Your Values Match Your Value?

Shoppers are looking for value. But they are also looking for retailers with whom their values align.

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2022 Retail TrendWatch Series: Splurging, Saving and Saying I’ll Do It Myself

While some spending has scaled back during inflation, people are receptive to your brand, deals and products if they fit their lifestyle and budget.

2022 Summer Consumer Pulse Infographic
This isn’t a time for guessing. In the fierce battle for consumer loyalty, retailers need to know what works –…
Retail Trend Watch
Retail TrendWatch
Marketing Research Retail TrendWatch The last few years have taught us a lot. Priorities have been reshaped, new expectations created…