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Father and daughter at table
3 Ways to Connect With Millennial Parents in 2022

Millennial parents are more open to technology like click-to-cart online ads. Promotions that reward them in just one click might be the difference between spending or saving.

Woman and man out shopping holding shopping bags
3 Big Consumer Priorities for 2022

People are shopping for positivity in 2022. Even though expenses are on the rise, they don’t want to give up experiences that delight. In this post, get insight and recommendations to influence consumers’ decision-making.

Time to Get Aggressive on Customer Acquisition

With the return to normalcy, stores are re-opening, consumer confidence is growing, and spending intentions are strong. The convergence of these trends creates an enormous opportunity for brands to grab back market share and win new customers.

Woman in store deciding between two products
How Empathetic Marketers Can Win in a Post-COVID World

Now that pandemic-related fears are beginning to wane and lockdowns are beginning to lift, consumers are generally becoming much more optimistic about their health. Yet their wealth remains an altogether different matter.

Seven Reasons Marketers Should Be Super Optimistic Right Now … even if your audience is still a little cautious

All signs indicate the country’s economic engine is roaring back to life. Brighter days really are ahead!

Discretionary Cash
What Will an Influx of Discretionary Money Mean for Restaurant Sales?

How can restaurant marketers ensure that their tables and kitchens benefit from the additional discretionary cash this spring?

family eating pizza
Papa John’s Franchisee Drives Sales During Pandemic with Multichannel Ads
A franchise owner in California was faced with the difficult decision to continue advertising once COVID-19 forced “stay in place”…
Help for Small (and not so Small) Businesses: COVID-19 Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans
SummaryUPDATED April 27, 2020: For the latest information concerning coronavirus (COVID-19) resources available to small businesses, please visit the Small Business…
Attracting Sports Fans to Your Restaurant Brand During a “Must Win” Quarter
SummaryAre You Going to Win the First Quarter of 2020? It’s the most wonderful time of the (sports) year again….