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Overcoming MarTech Madness
Turn On and Turn It Up: Maximize Your MarTech

Financial institutions must change the trajectory or marketing automation and technology by rethinking how they engage with customers. Lisa Nicholas provides insight on to do it.

Expert Q&A: Trends in Grocery Marketing

Julie Companey, Director, Client Strategy — Grocery, Drug & Mass for Vericast provides her perspective on current trends in grocery marketing and how consumers may be affected.

Influencer Marketing: More Than a Passing Social Media Trend
From TikTok stars to YouTube personalities to Instagram celebrities, consumers turn to online content creators — many of whom they…
Expert Q&A: Trends in CPG Marketing

Aimee Englert, Executive Director of CPG Client Strategy for Vericast provides her perspective on current trends in CPG marketing.

Six Elements To Consider While Designing A New Acquisition Campaign
Traditional banks have long dominated the banking landscape, but more consumers are embracing online banks. People are switching to innovative…
Taking a Proactive, Customer-Centric Approach to Digital Conversion Planning
Are you changing your digital banking platform? As you focus on getting the technology right to remember to also keep…
A Marketing Movement: Direct Mail Is on a Hot Streak

Savvy brands are casting direct mail in a key role in their marketing arsenals.

Quick Q&A on Digital Marketing Trends
Digital marketers must navigate an increasingly challenging landscape that includes a dangerous balancing act of relevance and privacy. Robert Ropars,…
The Science Behind Direct Mail: Why It Matters and How to Use It

Direct mail is an indispensable part of the marketing mix, suited to grabbing attention and delivering a message quickly.