Vericast offers unparalleled marketing opportunities for personal service businesses such as spas and salons, yoga studios, law offices, dry cleaners, and photography studios, often the “Mom and Pop” economic backbone of neighborhoods all across the country.

With both a direct mail platform and an online presence, we help these businesses compete by attracting foot traffic and sign-ups by delivering offers directly to target customers.

In print, these ads arrive in-home in a glossy, full-color format which discount-savvy consumers keep and refer to often. Targeted, personalized postcard mailings are also available so your business stays top-of-mind.
Our digital offerings connect personal service merchants with consumers on the go, putting digital marketing onto the mobile devices in their pockets. This easy and instant way to save is especially appealing to smaller businesses looking to capture a variety of demographics.

Get in touch and learn how Vericast can help your business.