Marketing Solutions for Technology Companies

From avid techies to cord-cutters, reach the right consumer.

Tech companies know that their consumers are constantly changing as technology iterations make products obsolete faster and faster.

To stand out with consumers ready to adopt new products and services, it becomes critical to understand that path to purchase and the motivators of the various segments being targeted. Our unique combination of data and insights can be leveraged to find the cord-cutters, tech evangelists and early adopters to understand them deeply and influence behaviors.
One in 10 consumers plans to switch mobile phone providers in the next 90 days(source 1) and 10% plan to switch pay TV providers. (source 2). We provide solutions from display advertising to print media to target the right consumer at the right time to drive results from new sign-ups, upgrades or switching.

Source: 451 Research’s VoCUL: Wireless Service Provider, Feb. 2018
Source: 451 Research’s VoCUL Video and Broadband Services, Sept. 2017

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