Black History Month Employee Spotlight: Valerie Starling

Valerie Starling

February 3, 2021

Throughout February, we will introduce members of our team, sharing what Black History Month means to them as well as who inspires them. This week, meet Valerie Starling, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program Manager for Vericast. Valerie shared that Black History Month is important to her because it’s an opportunity to recognize the contributions by Black people that aren’t often mentioned in American history. “Personally, it’s a time to reflect on my ancestors’ resilience and ingenuity despite unimaginable challenges,” she said. “It’s a reminder for everyone to learn about historical and contemporary Black leaders, though this education should not be limited to just February.” 
If Valerie could spend the day with any inspirational African American – past or present – it would be Malcolm X. Ever since reading the “Autobiography of Malcolm X” as a child, she has appreciated his personal evolution to becoming such an influential yet controversial Civil Rights leader. She would love the opportunity to have a conversation with him about race relations, the state of the world and technological advances now compared to his observations before his life was taken.